Small farmers

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Small farmers are farmers with small pieces of land that use their land to grow many different vegetables and fruit, often making use of permaculture. For small farmers it is often too expensive to get a organic certificate

While in Europe and the United States the agriculture business is very concentrated with large-scale production, in Southern countries, especially in Asia and Africa, agriculture is mostly based around small scale farming. Large scale production is generally not sustainable for the environment and biodiversity.

Examples of urban or small farms

  • City Farm in Vancouver, Canada has been growing organic produce since 1978 in a small city plot the size of an average Canadian back yard. Their web cam gives a nice view of what is possible in a small space.
  • BK Farmyards urban farming network project in Brooklyn, New York City. An inspiring video of the project's first farm, FoxTrot Farm, is here.
  • The Shared Garden - a community project based in West Bridgford, Nottingham, England is an experiment to demostrate how local people can work together, learn and share their experiences.