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Slovakia is one of the post-communist countries of Central Europe. Despite many reports praising the rise of economy in Slovakia in the past years, the situation of average Slovaks doesn't seem to be changing a lot. That being said, don't expect a lot of opportunities for dumpster diving for example as people don't usually throw away as much as in most Western countries. Another complication is caused by most businesses locking up their garbage bins, some go as far as using fences for the whole garbage bin area.

As of 2010, there were only two known functional Food Not Bombs groups:

The only squat present in the country (as of 2010) is located in Žilina.

If you find yourself lost in Slovakia, dumpster-diving will be less comfortable than in other countries. You will definitely want to stick to the west of the country (preferably Bratislava, the capital city) as the economical situation in the east is comparably worse. There are quite a few people using the popular website - if you know how to use this site, it might provide a great deal of help. Another option is to head to the neighboring Czech Republic or Austria where you might find more activist groups and more places to dumpster dive.

Cities and towns