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Skibotn is small village far north in Troms, in the fjord with big beautiful mountains around. It is about 3 km north from crossroad E6 (Malmo-Oslo-Trondheim-Alta-Kirkenes) and E8 towards Finland (Kilpisjarvi-Kolari-Tornio).

There is in center automatic fuel station, Joker shop and police station by Joker shop. It is not visible from police station to dumpster area. There is big container with mixed waste, not food on the fuel station side, locked metal container in the back and small plastic dumpster at entrance for workers, by road side. Plastic dumpster is with food in green plastic bags - bread, bananas, fruit mostly. You need to open green plastic bags. You need to open bags and see, what is inside. Some fruits or bread can be already bad. It is all together without plastic cover, but lot of bread, bananas is still OK. Last checked: May 2018