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Sherbrooke is a town in Quebec, Canada.

Lots of good places to dive here, both by the natural food stores (for instance, La grande ruche on Bryant street near King Ouest) and supermarkets (Provigos in Lennoxville and at the centre d'Achat King are very generous, and you are almost sure to always find something). During winter, meat and fish in containers is still good. (Edit: apparently Lennoxville is still good, but the Grande Ruche is locked. All the big stores in Sherbrooke either have compressors or locked bins. Better luck is with smaller stores, like The Five Seasons near Laurier st. - they have some fruit and veggies. Feb 2014.)

People leave things in front of Salvation Army (Wellington South) door when it is closed (clothing, mats, lamps, dishes, etc.); you can pick them up for free if you want. Many employees of the stores don't mind dumpster divers if they don't leave a big mess after diving (that's easily understandable).

When dumpster diving, please don't make a mess, and if you do, please put everything back in a dumpster. Otherwise, more stores will lock their dumpsters.

July 1st is a 'national moving day' (unofficial) in Québec. People leave lots of things they want to discard on a side of the roads.

Twice a year there is a bulky trash pick-up day, so people leave lots of good stuff just on the street, in spring and in fall.

You can make a lot of cash by recycling metal and other stuff.

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