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Serres in Greece (map) can be great for dumpster diving if you know where to go.

Many supermarkets around town throw away all kinds of vegetables and you can go to pick them up at any time.

  • There is one amazing dumpstering spot at Carrefour on Ελευθερίου ΒΕΝΙΖΕΛΟΥ 115 & 8ης ΜΑΙΟΥ street corner (Eleftheriou Venizelou 115 & 8th of May). There are 3 normal waste dumpsters and 2 recycling ones. Normally the dumpsters are half or almost completely full. Most of it is food, not various trash. Things that have been rescued from there include: 15kg of feta, 20 packets of roquefort cheese, 20+ boxes of greek cookies and chocolates, kinder chocolate, 30+ bags of chips, 10+ bags of coffee, 30+ kilos of flour, 5kg of washing detergent and many many fruits and vegetables. You can go there at any time but there are other divers as well so if you wish to be first you should go around 11am. It's good to check back around 3-4 pm also as they sometimes add more things throughout the day. You can "borrow" the shopping trolleys from carrefour if you can't carry all the stuff you find. The trolleys use coins which you can take out with the help of a kitchen knife and a little perseverance. :) Enjoy! (Last checked: Oct.2011)
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