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Saskatoon is a hip city in central Saskatchewan on the south Saskatchewan River Highway 17, Canada. Dumpster diving doesn't seem to be overly common yet.

You can score right in the center of downtown behind the Extra Foods on Broadway Ave and Main Street. Look for the red dumpster in the parking lot. It is pretty easy to get in an out of, especially with a fellow diver. There seems to be a lot of employees coming out during the day so to keep it low profile it is probably best to go when the shop is closed. Just 20 meters east of the red dumpster are some much smaller black round municipal garbage bins. You can occasionally find baked goods in black garbage bags near those bins. (Last checked: December 2010)

If you want to take it to the next level, drive out to the big Cosco north of the city on Marquis Dr just off of Louis Riel trail. Here in a large open dumpster at the back of the store you can find unopened food products (nuts and chocolate, for example) as well as home appliances, office supplies, and Christmas lights! (Last checked: December 2010)

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