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Homeless in Russia do dumpster dive, but competition gets higher in winter, and it probably wouldn't be wise to compete with those who are desperately hungry.

Russia is a country that starts in Eastern Europe, lasts throughout Asia and ends by reaching America in the West.

It is not the wealthiest country in the world, therefore freegan opportunities might appear quite seldom in there. Many homeless dumpster dive there (competition for anti-consumerists!), although their finds never are the same as in rich countries in the West, so the wisest choice for a freegan would be to search for goods in central districts of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, such as Kitay-gorod in Moscow or Nevskiy Prospect in SPb.

Cities and towns

Useful phrases

Since relying on your social skills is the easiest way of getting nice food, here are some phrases to plan a conversation:

Hello - [Zdravstvuyte]

I am ... from ... - [Ya ... iz ...]

Is there anything you plan to throw away? - [Vy sobirayetes' chto-nibud' vybrasyvat'?]

Is there anything I can get for free? - [Zdes' chto-nibud' mozhno dobit' besplatno?]

I recycle food. - [Ya utiliziruyu yedu.]

Do you have old bread? - [U vas yest' prosrochenniy khleb?]

Thank you - [Spasibo]

Have a nice day - [Vsego horoshego]