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Freegan veggies in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a city in the Netherlands and is not a bad place for dumpster diving. The city center is full with bins in the streets parallel to the main shopping street and it won't cost you much time to find them. Supermarkets generally are a harder catch but there are some accessible bins. Some of the markets are good for diving.


One of the trash-day seems to be Thursday-morning. You can find lots of bins around the center. Check the alleys and backstreets of the main shoppingstreets and you will find lots of bins. Check the map of Rotterdam for some spots.


Within the whole city of Rotterdam there are about 12 open-air food-markets, mostly on Fridays. The largest one is in the city center where around closing time you're likely to meet some fellow divers. The Centrum Markt at Binnenrotte is open on Tuesdays and Saturdays and closes around 17.00. It is a huge market.

Other markets include

  • Afrikaanderplein Markt - Wednesday and Saturday until 16:30
  • Visserijplein Markt - West
  • Ommoord Markt - Wednesday until 16:30
  • Overschie Markt - Friday until 16:30
  • Schiebroek Markt - Rododenderonplein - Friday until 16:30
  • Asterlo Markt - Asterlo, Zuidwijk - Friday until 16:30
  • Hoogvliet markt - Binnenbaan Noord - Thursday until 16:30
  • IJsselmonde Markt - Keizerswaard - Thursday until 15:30
  • Alexanderpolder Markt - Winkelcentrum Het Lage Land - Friday until 16:30
  • Biologische Markt - Eendrachtsplein - Tuesday until 18:00

Check for more information about the markets on Rotterdam Markets


Rotterdamse Oogst

The Rotterdamse Oogst (Rotterdam Harvest) is an organisation that aims at re-establishing connections between locally grown food and food-consumption in the city. They organise harvest festivals and local food markets to promote growing your own food.

Map of Rotterdam

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="51.920926" lon="4.484739" type="map" zoom="14"> 51.923043, 4.484383, Centrum Markt Binnenrotte, Rotterdam 51.920529, 4.477025, Shop-Bins Quite some bins on both streets parallel to Lijnbaan that on Friday-afternoon were all empty. Check them in the morning! 51.923748, 4.487931, Supermarkets Bins of an organic supermarket and organic shop 51.932928, 4.470041, Supermarkets Bins of supermarkets. Flowers, newspapers and sometimes canned food 51.927185, 4.462509, Supermarkets Available on the street. Not much found so far. Mostly rubbish 51.927252, 4.462144, Supermarkets Bins of a supermarket. Canned food, flowers and newspapers. 51.91276, 4.457617, Supermarket A bin outside of the supermarket, find it early afternoon 51.91775, 4.478238, Bins Lots of bins. 51.93355, 4.477701, Bins Street with local shops. Not sure when their bin-day is, but sure you'll find good trash here 51.920714, 4.478323, Bins Some bins. Not sure which shop they belong to. Many employees taking brakes here, beter to come evening time maybe. </googlemap>



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