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Rome is a capital of Italy.

Dumpster diving

You can dumpster dive in Rome successfully. If you know the places, you can find a lot of good stuff. You can go to the food markets before closing and ask for the food leftovers or you can just check the trash in the evening before it is taken away, and you can find anything from good and fancy clothes to packed food. The best trash containers are just in front of the supermarkets. Dumpstering in the historical centre is not good, as there are no big containers.

Actual spots

  • If you are near Roma Termini train station, you can ask how to go to San Lorenzo district. Or just go on Via Marsala, turn left when there is Via Tiburtina and turn right before supermarket Tuodi to the street Via degli Umbri, just first three containers on the right, around 12 or 13 o'clock you can find sandwiches there in big black plastic bags. If you have some extra, bring these to Piazza dell'Immacolata to the homeless people, this is old tradition. (Last checked: October 2015)
  • If you continue walking on Via Tiburtina, then on the other side of the street from Tuodi supermarket you can find some pizza in the container around ten o'clock in the evening. Also around the same time you can find pizza on Scalo San Lorenzo. Just check the dumpsters in front of pizzerias. (Last checked: October 2015)
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