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Romania is a country in Eastern Europe.

Romania is without a surprise not a good place for trash collecting.

Regarding food, the best way to get something is to get in touch, whatever way, with the people who are really nice: they will often spontanously give you some food to take away, especially in summer because Romania is maybe the best place in europe for fruits and vegetables. In Orthofox church, if you are able to meet the priest or the person looking after the place, you are more likely to get little presents, the priests are usually real friendly even if you do not speak their langage.

In the countryside it is almost impossible to get trash as there is simply not bins! however in summer it is full with delicious fruits (do not miss the famous mulberries tree with brambles look like berries), when it is water melon harvest season you will find plenty left along the roadside and you can help yourself.

In town, cities you will find some cooked food in the bins, and a lot of bread which is unfortunately most of the time moldy: do not be afraid of molds, it is like cheese, the taste can be surprising but never disgusting, if you are not afraid you will be alright, although it is a bit toxic you can't get food poisoned if you trust what you eat, unless you are allergic to penicilin and its relatives.

But keep in mind: moldy bread and in general all moldy food is not good for your health, it may cause cancer and serious health problems! Bevore eating molded stuff ask some people if they have some left-overs.

Last but not least small street bins (wall hung round style) in touristic places.


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