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Rokland is small town about 40 km south from Fauske, it is by road E6 from Oslo, Mo-I-Rana towards Fauske. Rokland is already in the valley, not by fjord and cold air from higher area around Arctic circle can go there. Ic can be -30 there sometimes. Rokland is stop at Norland dancing Line Trondheim-Mo-i-Rana-Fauske-Bodo. At leasy two trains per day (daily and night train) goes in each direction. It is only two stops and 37 min to Fauske (stop before Fauske is Rognan).

There is big fuel station with Coop market and shower, restaurant by train station and E6 in Rokland. It is open probably Non-Stop, so you can there hide from cold in case of rain or being kicked out of train. Coop market has dumpsters behind. Big container by south wall is not good, but there are smaller black plastic dumpsters ad one bigger black plastic dumpster by west wall (towards train track). Bigger black plastic dumpster was quite full of food, usually prepared food, sweets, baggets and similar things, no bread. Because it is more like fuel station.

And many great dumpsters are on the way from south to north - Rema 1000 insouth end of Mo-i-Rana, Fauske is really great - Interspar in Finstadt (south end), one store by center (crossroad and roundabout) and Rema 1000 plus andother shop by north end of Fauske. Another dumpsters are in Bodo and great dumpsters are in south end of Narvik and Bjerkvik (crossroad E6 and E10 to Lofoten).

Area around Arctic circle between Mo-I-rana is higher platau, around 650-680 m high. It is colder area than by sea, and it is behind some mountains. It can be bellow -30 there or -20 and blizzard during winter.