Rockaway Township, New Jersey

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Rockaway Township in New Jersey, USA, is a large slice of Morris County with 22,000 inhabitants as of the last census. The highlight of the area for the trash enthusiast is the Rockaway Townsquare Mall.

Rockaway Townsquare

Most stores within the mall use dumpsters in small alcoves, avoid these as mall security has little else to do besides harass kids and divers. One should check out instead the satellite stores on the perimeter of the property. The ideal time to dive is shortly after closing - after all the employees have left but before it gets too late that your presence in the back is suspicious.

"Michael's" and "Borders"

Drive behind this little strip for some decent finds. Michael's will often have some neat stationery items in their dumpster, and it is also rather clean. Borders is also clean, and rather shallow. For those unfamiliar with diving for books, usually with trade paperbacks (like the cheap ones you buy at the drugstore), the covers are ripped off of the books. If this bothers you, you probably won't find anything good here. Sometimes occasional posters/calendars/etc.


Dumpster is very wide and deep. You will need to dive with a partner for safety and convenience. Always at least one decent item.