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ICA Group is one of Scandinavia's leading retail companies with around 2230 (2008) own and retailer-owned stores in Sweden, Norway and the Baltics. The group includes ICA Sweden, ICA Norge and Rimi Baltic (+ICA Banken which provides financial services in Sweden).

Ica Group also owns Norwegian RIMI.

Ica Sweden is divided in following store sizes (increasing size from top to bottom):

  • ICA Nära (small)
  • ICA Supermarket
  • ICA Kvantum
  • Maxi ICA Stormarknad (huge)

Dumpster diving at ICAs depends on how big is the store: the bigger the store, more likely they use trash compactors there, which is not great news for freegans. In Stockholm for example, ICA Nära is very good for dumpster diving. Lots of ICAs also tend to keep their waste inside the storage rooms. In Sweden, ICA is a very hard place to dive at.