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Reykjavík is the capital of Iceland.

Dumpster diving

In Reykjavík and the surrouding area where 70% of the population live people are much more broad minded towards dumpster diving than in other parts of Iceland.

Even during recent recession/financial crisis impacts of which you can feel everywhere around, people continue to throw away a lot of stuff, food in particular. Groceries and supermarkets like Bónus, Krónan and Samkaup do not hide their skips, all you have to do is to go around the back and open the lid!

Bónus is the large Icelandic supermarket chain. Usually you can find three or more skips full of all sorts of produce. The most common finds are vegetables and fruit. There are lots of Bónus stores in Reykjavík. There are also opportunities at other stores, however Bónus stores have the easiest pickings.

Dumpster diving spots

Here are some examples of good spots/stores with free food at the back:

  • Bónus at Hallveigarstig, one dumpster, not locked, every day different products are thrown away. Fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat, cakes, plenty of bananas. (Last checked: June 2011)
  • harbour, Fiskislóð
    • Krónan, definitely the best place to go. Go around the building and open the container on the left side. Very often it is crowded with wrapped food such as baby carrots, mixed salads and bread/toast. Sometimes there's also meat, in most cases a sell-by date hasn't passed yet. Don't get afraid of the security cameras around, but watch the back door - store employee do come out once in a while and tell divers to leave. If you are asked out, just come back sometime later. (Last checked: September 2015)
    • Bónus. The dumpsters are very often filled with as many fruits as you won't ever be able to eat up alone. (Last checked: September 2015)
    • Nettó. There is one bin at the side entrance. Be careful it's open 24/7 so watch for store employees. (Last checked: September 2015)
    • Passion - bakery, at Álfheimar 6, 104 Reykjavík
     Go behind the building, you will smell and see containers with all kinds of baked goods, loads of bread. Been there four times, it was always full.   last checked June, 2016


Reykjavik has a freeshop at Fríbúðinn í Grasrótarmiðstöðinni. Address: Brautarholt 4, 101 Reykjavík. (Outdated. Does not exist anymore)


There´s a Food Not Bombs (FNB) serving every Saturday. (Outdated info)