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Reunion is a remote French island in the Indian Ocean.

Across the island

Every single open air and normal market throws away the same amount, if not more than continental French markets do, which translates into piles of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens left over in the short period between the vendors packing up and the garbage men coming. One day in mid January: 3 kinds of mango, bananas still on the bunch, red and yellow watermelon, cantaloupe, passion fruit, avocados, jackfruit, papaya, pineapple, bell peppers, tomatoes, spicy peppers, kohlrabi, chouchou, litchis, carrots, and much more. --Korvus (talk) 21:05, 28 January 2013 (CET)

Different fruits grow everywhere, everywhere all year round, and few people eat them. Since fruits are available all year round, people get tired of them and prefer to eat baguette sandwiches instead. People's yards are often full of fruit trees with tons of fruit on the ground. It's always polite to ask them if you can "Recuperer" everything on the ground, and then they will often pick fruit off the tree to give to you as well. There are also many (maybe even slightly) remote places in any forest where fruits are clearly not watched over or desired (black, rotting jackfruits everywhere covered in insects... tragedy), where one can easily harvest to their heart's content.

Saint Denis

"Petit Marche"

This touristic, exclusively fruit and vegetable market is open every single day of the week from mornings until 6pm, even Sunday, and throws away loads of fruits and vegetables throughout the day in various bins spread out around the different sides of the market.