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Rennes is a city in France (map). You can find some good spots for dumpster diving in this city. You have to know that dumpster diving is not illegal in France if dumpsters are on the streets. Even if these aren't, you can still dumpster dive taking the risk that police might check your ID (maybe even fine you?).

Dumpster diving

It's quite easy to find food in Rennes, stores tend to leave diverse and of quality stuff in their dumpsters.

Supermarkets and smaller stores

  • Super U/Bourg-l'Evêque on 21 Rue de Brest. Every day after 8-9pm. Jump the wall and there's always a magical treasure. Keep the place clean and the products you don't like in a decent edible situation, as lots of tramps are deeply relying on this amazing dumpster. (Last checked: Dec.2011)
  • At Monoprix (Galeries Lafayette) you will find the dumpsters in Rue du Cartage every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 16:30 (careful, they often change the hours, this info concerns October 2011). They open prepared meals but vegetables are of good quality! Sometimes, it's huge, sometimes there's nothing. If you are lucky, you will find bread. (Last checked: Oct.2011)
  • Some organic shops throw food (crazy!), one of them is in Cleunay (district of Rennes), the name is Coop Bio. There's another one in the suburb Saint Gregoire. (Last checked: Oct.2011)
  • In the suburb Betton you can find a Carrefour supermarket, near the Mairie, dumpsters are outside, behind a kind of wooden wall. If you continue a little bit a path, you will find a hole in the fence, perfect to go in and go out with your food. You can go there after the sunset (please, avoid when employees are around, they don't like that), especially good on Wednesdays and Saturdays. (Last checked: Oct. 2012)
  • Down the Place des Lices the Boulangerie des Lices gives away the unsold bread everyday. Wait behind the shop at 20h, there's usually a 10 kilo's bag containing bread, sandwiches, pâtisserie. Closed on Sundays and Mondays. (Last checked: Dec.2011)
  • Check a market on Fougeres street near Mc'Donald's. You can find bread, cakes and more. (Last checked: March 2013)
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Food markets

You can have vegetables in markets. There are markets every day in Rennes.

  • Place des Lices (near square Sainte Anne) on Saturday is one of the biggest. You can find free food from 13:00 to 14:00 (end of the market).
  • Church Saint-Luc (Villejean) on friday. You can find free food from 13:45 to 14:15 (end of the market). The amounts are moderate.

Natural food

  • Hazel near the rue des Violettes in Vezin-le-Coquet. You can harvest in September 20 to october 10.


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