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Ravensburg is a town in southern Germany. It deserves to be explored better, for now these stores have been checked out:

Netto at Jahnstraße 11 has two green bins at the back. Easy to find and unlocked, the store closes at 21 (at least during the week). (Last checked: Oct 2014)

Near the Netto, there is a Bio Market (Jahnstraße 5) - a part of a bigger building also containing a DM and some other stores. On the north side of the building along the Jahnstraße you can find the trash. Don't be scared by the compactor, there are two green bins up on the walking metal platform. (Last checked: Oct 2014)

There is a local group for food sharing, they publicly give away food on Monday and Thursday from 18:30 at Herrenstraße 3. For more details check out: FoodSharing Ravensburg/Weingarten