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The Psalters are an anarcho-punk band with an affiliation with Christian anarchism. Their music is public domain. Free to distribute. No Copyright.

Album with dumpster diving related theme: Chapter V - The Divine Liturgy Of The Wretched Exiles (Track #19, "Dumpster Divers") (2006). Download at Megaupload (Available 2010-03-08)

Also a lot of music is avaible for download at their homepage.

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Psalters - Dumster Divers

From album: Chapter V - The Divine Liturgy Of The Wretched Exiles


"Come now and join the feast, from the greatest to the very least, come now & join the feast, (right) right here in the belly of the beast.

Cops & soldiers you can come too - lay down y'r guns & c'mon thru. Right people get rid of y'r stuff. Poor people there will be enough.

Might ones c'm down from y'r thrones. Little ones you will not be alone.

lazy man come to the table make some food for thos who ain't able pretty winner swallow your pride

drink the ugly loser who for all died make sure everyone gets some the we'll see the kingdom... "