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Poland is a country in Europe.

Cities and towns


Documentary "Off the grid" is a film by Natalia Hatalska (trendwatcher and one of the most influential bloggers in Poland) which presents the lives of people who have chosen to live outside the systems we all see as normal, such as finance, education, architecture and even food. Hatalska travels from Warsaw to Berlin, not only to understand this growing trend, but also the motivations of people who have decided to live this way. Film features several “off-gridders”, people taking steps that may lead to giant leaps forward in transforming the world around us: · Elf Pavlik, a man who has been living with no money or documents for six years now, and who is working on Internet decentralization and new generations of economic systems; · Jan, a freegan, who not only eats what has been discarded, but also brings food to distribute amongst others and cooks for the poor; · Joanna and Mariusz, a couple who have been home-schooling their three kids for several years now; · Pawel, an architect who is engaged in promoting natural construction techniques and other initiatives concerning self-sufficiency. Please find below a link to the “Off The Grid” documentary (English subtitles, 15 min long): Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vi7H0YYiv58 Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/123279049 Off the grid is the 2nd episode of an OnOff documentary series/project, which focuses on current and upcoming social trends.

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Personal experience

" I have hitchhiked just few days around Poland but from my experiences Poland is great country for dumpster diving. Many supermarkets have open dumpsters so you can simply come and take whatever you want. For sure you shouldn´t be hungry in this country" - Kral vsech mori, July 2017