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Picton is a city in New Zealand.

Dumpster diving

Dumpster diving-wise Picton doesn't offer too much, as most of the bins are locked/secured in hard to access backyards. However, you might find useful trash in some places. Picton seems to be a very homeless-unfriendly town (somewhat too posh), so be careful and better not let be seen.

Good spots:

  • Close to the ferry, on the railway, where the subway is, there's a couple of motel/backpacker and pubs. Check the bins behind them. (Last checked: Sept.2011)
  • Look for a small European bakery called Bakkeri, just close to the docks, on the other side of the railway, on a street parallel to the main "High street". They have medium sized bins behind a small container/shed just in front of the shop. (Last checked: Sept.2011)
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