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Perth, Western Australia, is the fourth most populous city in Australia.

It is a good city for dumpster diving and other freegan possibilities.


Dumpster diving

  • In Leederville (WA 6007) check IGA Supermarket on 313 Vincent Street, divers have found there bananas, strawberries, and such. Containers are easy to access, unlocked during the day. (Last checked: November 2010)
  • Floreat - The Baker's Delight has a treasure trove of bread, turn off Cambridge st (right, if you're heading from the city centre towards the sea) onto Jersey St and it's the carpark that's not underground, on your left directly. The blue wooden doors have only a hook latch, inside are the bins with bags of bread - grainy loaves, olive loaves, white bread, buns, treats, sometimes new friends even... the usual delights. (Last checked: July 2012)
  • Floreat Woolworths, further along Cambridge St towards the sea, turn right at Howtree Pl. Shortly you park by Woolworths and walk up the ramp towards the bins, there are often good vegetables here... special finds have been a leather jacket and 3 bottles of Tattinger champagne! At least night diving has proved itself to be successful, staff have been pretty friendly to local divers on a few encounters. (Last checked: July 2012)
  • Subiaco - Along Station St up the hill from the train station is the loading zone of the Woolworths, and the bins are easy to access. They are close to the road, some friendly locals might give a shout but it's worth the haul of delicious vegetables... stacks of mushrooms, corn, sweet potatoes. A 10kg bag of jasmine rice was found there. Often lots of treats. (Last checked: July 2012)
  • Cottesloe - The Boatshed throws out mostly bread... but it's amazing bread. Park just on the south-west side of the train station in the park at Railway Pde/Clapham Lane. A few m down Clapham Ln on your right are the bins. Go all the way along the lane and cross Stirling Hwy, slightly to your right and keep along is the bins of the Coles. They are often locked but a bit of creative thinking with the bar hinge can help, and there are often good veggies inside. (Last checked: July 2012)
  • Morley Galleria shopping complex - a horrible place to shop, but from the Target bin (off Collier Rd) have been found good things, including some perfectly needed racing bathers and a well working $189 pressure cooker missing only the cord. But probably not a good place fo vegetables. Nearby are some good op shop bins (Salvos). (Last checked: July 2012)
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Second hand shops (Op shops)

A non-profit organisation "Second Harvest" - a network of community food centres - have several shops in the Perth metropolitan area (namely in Carlisle, Forrestfield, Fremantle, Kelmscott, Manning, Rockingham). Sometimes they offer free bread and free vegetables. They also have a big selection of groceries with expired dates for a relatively low prices. Check their website for more information.

Most Vinnies and Salvos have good, unlocked bins. Of course there is a lot of rubbish in them (outrageous!) but often delights also.

Really really free market

Time to time Perth is having a Really really free market. More information on related blog.

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