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Patra (also Patras) is a quite large city in central Greece and quite good for dumpstering. There is a large amount of migrants all over the city, as well as gypsies and other poor people, meaning there is a lot of competition for food. Make sure to share or leave some of what you find for the people that come after you. Usually homeless people have no use for vegetables that need cooking so those should be ok to take more of.

Rio University Canteen

Rio is the place where the university of Patra is. There are relatively cheap buses between Patra and Rio, and a railway line.

There is a canteen where students can eat for free if they have food cards or buy tokens which cost only 1 euro/meal (lunch or dinner; breakfast is free for anyone). You can borrow someone's food card if they are not eating that meal that day. You can take out a lot of bread or salad if you wish to have some for later, many students do this. Also they have a lot of olive oil that you can use, and if you want to have some for later take a small plastic bottle and fill it up with that oil. The amount of food for one meal is more than enough so you will be full for quite some time. There is a weekly menu written in Greek posted before the entrance to the canteen. The food is rarely vegan or vegetarian although you can often separate the meat from the rest. Every lunch/dinner meal there is a choice between two types of food, as well as salad, bread, a dessert/juicebox. (All info as of: Jan.2011)

Dumpster diving

Main supermarkets are AB (alpha-beta, if you are asking locals), Carrefour, Lidl, Dia, Spar.

AB and Dia seem to work quite well for dumpster diving. You can almost always find at least something there. Lidl has the dumpsters in cages so unless you have some kind of device to grab things with and throw them on the floor, forget about trying this chain.

Places to dumpster dive

  • You can dumpster dive in Rio which can turn out very fruitful. Check the garbage cans in front of Kronos supermarket, a straight walk down the backroads from the Uni. Tons of good food not even expired yet. (Last checked: June 2011)
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