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Paris, France, is a great place to find random trash in the streets. After each market, everything what was not sold and isn't good for selling anymore is just disposed in original boxes, cardboard platter and packaging right on site. Plenty of food, half of it still good to consume.

Paris is an excellent place for dumpster diving. You don´t even need any exact addresses, just check your local supermarket, they take trash out different times, depending when the collectors come, but you can ask inside store or just pass by a few times to find out the time. Check out supermarkets like Franprix or Monoprix. If you want something more fancy check the dumpsters of your local Naturalia, all is organic and you can get packed tofu or peanutbutter spread :). Just careful, sometimes there are already people coming for some time and they might be hostile to newcomers.

Dumpster diving and food markets

Trash "expo" at Monop, October 2011.
  • You have the biggest stock of fresh products from all over the world in the dumpsters of Rungis, a huge shopping mall. It's about 30+ minutes by car from the city center, ~20 km to the south of Paris. You can find amazing things here. Best to be early, around 12pm. But it depends on what you want you have though, since there are diferent closure times for different stocks. Anything you can ger, from fresh vegetables, fruits and meet or fish. Security appears to be pretty nice. (Last checked: March 2011)
  • Also nearby is the Centre Commercial regional de Belle Epine, which has opportunities for tabling, especially in the entrance where Flunch and McDonald's are opposite each other. (Last checked: Nov.2011)
  • A good alternative nearby Opera (Garnier) is bakery Paul nearby Galeries Lafayette. The shop is located at the entrance hall that leads to the RER station Auber, you must go down the stairs which are found at the corner of boulevard Haussmann and Rue de Mogador street. Closing time is 8 pm on weekdays, 7.30 pm on Saturdays, closed on Sundays. You can find unnsold bread, pastry and sandwiches etc. The attendant(st an employee of the bakery - white dressed) fills a couple of bags and brings them down from the escalator in a room with bins(it stinks a lot!), follow him (wears an azure uniform with yellow inserts). Usually there are at least a couple of people waiting for the bags, sometimes even more. Arriving late can mean not finding anything. (Last checked: July 2014)
  • There is another very good Paul bakery located on Rue Tronchet, corner bd Haussman, 5 minutes walking from Galeries Lafayette and Auber RER station, the closest exit is metro Havre-Caumartin on bd Haussmann. The closing time is around 9p.m and there is often a bunch of people waiting for bread sandwiches pastry etc also there, food disappear quickly as soon as it arrives so be there before 9p.m (also on sunday same timetable).(Last checked: July 2014)
  • Another good tabling experience is at the University Saint-Denis (last stop on métro line 13) where in the restaurant building the trays are taken and put on a conveyer belt that moves so slowly you can help yourself to people's leftovers when no-one is watching! Rossignol found and enjoyed lots of pizza, potatoes, olives, salads and fruit - and that was only in 10 minutes! Also look out for conferences that have free food and coffee provided! (Last checked: Nov.2011)
  • The biggest market is Belleville, opening Tuesday and Friday, come at about 2pm, you might have a chance to buy huge bags for 50 cents, sometimes they hand you stuff for free, you can collect fallen things, or wait to see what is left around the bins.
  • Outside the Casino supermarket on Rue LeCourbe in the 15th arrondissement, they put the bins (poubelles) right on the sidewalk. There are several other supermarkets on Rue LeCourbe that do the same thing. Evening is probably the best time, around closing time. And this is just one of the major Paris streets; there must be thousands of bins just like those on that street.(Nearest métro - Vaugirard)(Last checked: 2009)
  • Monop' at Rue de Chateaudun had dumpsters with tons of food outside one Saturday night when divers guaka and Erga passed by. (Nearest métro - Le Peletier/Notre-Dame-de-Lorette)(Last checked: Oct.2011)
  • Ed on 49 Rue de la Cour des Noues. Close to metro station Gambetta, 20th arrondissement. Another amazing dumpster with a lot of food all the time. Hundreds of eggs and beer were dumpstered one night :) Works on random nights, just gotta check it. Sometimes the bin is not out but is in the little hallway between the wooden doors and the supermarket doors. The wooden doors can be opened by lifting the bottom lock thing. You can look underneath the doors to see if the dumpsters are there or not before opening. After 8.30pm is good. You`ll know when the workers have left by the light of the shop banner/name; if it's lit then they are still there. (Last checked: Nov.2011)
  • FranPrix near 156 Rue des Pyrénées (a bit more up the street). Close to metro station Gambetta. 20th arronissement. Dumpsters are out in the evenings after closing, next to the bus stop. Works on random nights (Saturday night was very fruitful for one traveler. Lots and lots of coffee, cakes, veggies, meat, fruit), just gotta check it. You can find nice things here if you dig deep enough. After 9:30pm is good. (Last checked: Sept.2014)
  • The small Monop next to Unesco on Ave De Segur 7eme (across from M Segur Line 10) has one large bin which is left out around 17h every day. I've gotten meats, sandwiches, packed fruits etc. with ease. There is a great Carrefour outside M Ecole Militare which is so plentiful that I was able to share with the friendly homeless. Franprix outside M La Moette Piquet can be good BUT the large Monoprix opposite locks away it's waste.
  • In one of the surrounding towns; Draveil (50 Rue Waldeck Rousseau), there is a Lidl that puts their bins out. (At least Thursdays night). One can find a wide range of products, fruit and veggies, bread, pastry, chocolate, cheese, other dairy. The employees seem to put flour or sugar all over the stuff, but nothing that a bit of water can't wash. (Last checked: Sept.2014)
  • In La Garenne-Colombes (20 minutes away from Paris St-Lazare, with the L line), Boulevard de la République, you can find a Naturalia (organic supermarket) and a G20 (regular supermarket). They take the trash out early in the morning, every other day (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). You can wait there starting from 7.30AM. (Last checked: December 2016)
  • In Nanterre-ville (20 minutes away from Châtelet, with the RER A), there is a Naturalia near the Place des Belles Femmes. They take the trash out around 7.45PM (they put the bin on the other side of the covered passage). Then, around 8PM you can go on to the Franprix place Gabriel Péri. (Last checked: May 2015)
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Food Not Bombs

There is a Food Not Bombs every Sunday from 6.30pm in front of Menilmontant Metro Station. Food Not Bombs Paris website (Last checked: May. 2012)


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