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Panevėžys is the fifth largest city in Lithuania. It is situated in Northern part of Lithuania, near the Via Baltica highway.

Dumpster diving

Dumpster diving activities are not widespread among population, and usually only homeless people are using them.

To find some edible food (usually small amounts of fruits and vegetables in a near rotten state), one must search for dumpsters in the backyard of supermarket chains of “RIMI” (map) and “IKI”. Other supermarket chains are “Super Netto” (belongs to RIMI), “Cento” (belongs to IKI). They position themselves as a No frills supermarkets and usually try not to throw away goods which may still be sold. “Maxima” chain stores have discount sections labeled („Nukainota“ or „Kokybiškos prekės pigiau“) where they are selling defective, but usually still edible or usable goods at very low prices. (All info as of: summer 2010)

It is also possible to find some thrown away food, used furniture, household items and electric devices in the dumpsters of residential areas (for example in Kniaudiškių and Klaipėdos neighborhoods).


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