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Oxford is a small but historic city in Oxfordshire, England. It is relatively close to London.

Dumpster diving


The best place for lots of skipping places close together, but quite far out of town.

Possible sites include:


Address: 152 London Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX3 9ED‎

How to get to the bins: Just to the side up Stile Road, they are four red containers (smaller than standard dumpsters).


Address: 108-110 London Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 9AW

How to get to the bins: Usually unlocked cage contains two bins in the car park behind it.


Address: 9A-11 Old High St, Headington, Oxford OX3

How to get to the bins: Can be found round to the right side of the store as you face it. Check the smaller brown bins first as these are there for food 'waste'!


Address: 71 London Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 9AA

How to get to the bins: Up the street next the store and take the first entrance to the right.

Good for: Pre-wrapped sandwiches, and occasionally un-contaminated cakes.

(Last checked: August 2010)



Address: 159-161 Cowley Road

The main Tesco, the beast colonising the Cowley Road. The skips are fenced in at the back of the supermarket, by the car park and (at the time of writing) next to a sign ironically bearing the legend 'Tesco: Proud to be supporting the community'. Don't be daunted by the tall spikey fence enclosure: the climb isn't that hard if you use the posts by the adjoining wall. Yields are variable. Many local people, some from the Asian community, come her to skip.


Address: 217 Cowley Road, Iffley, Oxford OX4 1XG

Used to be better than it is, but the Co-op on the junction of Cowley Road and Divinity Road still yields many rewards! How to get to the bins: Up Divinity Road on the side of the building - watch out for the security at the store entrance if you're there during the day!

(Last checked: August 2010)

Iffley Road/Rose Hill


Address: 297 Iffley Road, Oxford OX4 4AG‎

How to get to the bins: A few feet up Howard Road, in a small enclosed yard through a gate that is normally unlocked.

(Last checked: August 2010)


Address: Rose Hill

How to get to the bins: looking at the shop front they are just to the left-hand-side.

it is best to go when store is shut (after 11pm)

(Last checked: May 2012)

Donnington bridge area/ South Oxford


Address: 86 Abingdon Road, Oxford OX1 4PL

How to get to the bins: Up Newton Road and just to the right is the back of the store.

Good for: Sandwiches


Address: 328-330 Abingdon Road, Oxford OX1 4TQ‎

How to get to the bins: Either over the wall of the first house on the left of Oswestry Road (next to the yard), or through the gate if you can open it from the outside.

  • There is an electric heater that we found in a dumpster here and left hidden behind the freezer in case it is more useful for anyone with the upcoming winter.


Address: 83 St. Aldates, Oxford OX1 1RA

Skipped the very same weekend it opened! Highlights so far include: Electrical things left over from the build, the usual cakes and gack, sandwiches (including limited edition ones!), loads of bananas, packets of fruit, olive oil, ketchup, and orange juice!

How to get to the bins: Through the gate round to the side on Speedwell Street (best during the day as it's locked at night, but try to avoid the front of the store and the police station on the opposite side of St. Aldates!). Extra tip: You can exit via the smaller door straight onto St. Aldates, further up than the store and the Cop Shop!

  • Update* - The main gate now seems to be shut all the time, you can still access the area by climbing over a small fence that you find at the end of Clarks Row (or the next street).

(Last checked: November 2010)


Possible sites include:


Address: Banbury Road, near the bridge over the railway line

How to get to the bins: At the side of the shop.

(Last checked: August 2010)



to find the bins go past the shop and down a little alley to reach the back. They tend to seperate the food and put all the skippleables into the food waste bin but they do not take the packaging off so they are still very consumable. And the area is nice and private so You can skip at any time of day :)

last checked May 2012



Address: Church Way, Botley, Oxford OX2 9LJ, United Kingdom

Dominic found 3 bottles of good beer, 20 (not expired) organic free-range eggs, 1 ripe avocado, 1 organic cucumber, 4 kilos of tomatoes, potatoes, lots of bread, cabbage, jalepeno peppers, chocolate cake, cupcakes, kiwis, plums, fair-trade pears, red onions, crumpets, fresh baked cookies, tea biscuits, scotch pancakes, pasta and margarine in a couple days of easy skipping.

bins are out back.

there is also a tesco and and an iceland here but co-op always has much higher quality food so we didnt really bother with them too much.

last checked: May 2011


As Oxford is one of the UK's main cycling cities, the streets are filled with abandoned bikes. The way of checking if they are abandoned are; rusty chains, blue and white 14-day tags left by the police, or just observing how long they are there for. Almost all of them have some sort of lock on, so be prepared to spend sometime working out 4-digit codes or bring a hacksaw!


Another source of free food in Oxford is the blackberries on the bushes on both the East side of Abingdon Road and the South Park side of St. Clements, in the East of the City.

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