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Oslo is the capital of Norway.

Dumpster diving

Dumpster diving is possible at some places.

Inner City

  • Kiwi at Gøteborggata 31A has dumpsters right around the side from the main door. Easy to see. Filled with goodies. [last checked: August 2019]
  • At Grunerløkka there is a decent Rema 1000 dumpster, on Thorvald Meyers Gate. Enter the alley between Rema 1000 and 7/11 and stroll around the corner in the inner yard (see map/view). [Last checked: April 2011] REMA STILL THERE; 711 GONE; DUMPSTERS COULDN'T BE FOUND-->
  • At Aleksander Kiellands Plass, there is a very good ICA store. You enter a room behind the mall, and the small dumpsters are full of fresh food, fruit and vegetables. UPDATE: room locked by keypad and cannot be accessed by the public [Last checked: August 2019. No dumpsters found]
  • Just behind Sagene church (bus 37 or 54) there is a Joker which some times have bread and pastries outside the front door, and general food in one big and one small trash can inside the open "bygård" on the back. *UPDATE: dumpsters now have locks on them, so it’s unlikely to find them unlocked. Address: Dannevigsveien 7L. Opening hours: 8:00 - 23:00 (mon-sat), 9:00 - 23:00 (sun). [Last checked: August 2019]
  • Just behind Sagene church (bus 37 or 54) there is a large "innvandrerbutikk" (walk to Joker and take to the left in Grimstadgt.) with two big trash can inside the open "bygård" on the back. Often lots of fruits and vegetables, sometimes bread and børek. [Last checked: August 2019]
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  • Take the metro number 3 at Sogsnvann, get off at Kringsjå, there you have 2 good stores, Meny and Kiwi, real close to each other. You can find many vegetables and fruits there. But look out for poisonous substances in Kiwi dumpsters! [Last checked: 2009]
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  • At Furuset, there is a supermarket and fruit market at Furuset Senter. The dumpster is slightly inside, at the lower level, where the road leads the the delivery area. Go right and the first big green dumpster has fruit and veggies, even meat and fish (be careful though!) [Last checked: Dec.2009]
  • At Haugenstua train station, go North then West to find two supermakets. The Kiwi one is good, trash being unlocked in the parking lot. The other one (Rema1000) seems to be compacting its trash. [Last checked: Dec.2009]
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South & South-East

  • Rema 1000 at Holmlia. Located in holmliaveien 100. About 10min walking from the station. So, go to the oposite side of the mall. Follow the road straight forwards, next to the rails. After aprox. 5minutes you will see, on your right side, a path going down to a small tunnel. Walk under it and take right. You are now on the other side of the rails, and propably you have spotted the dumpsters. They are open. And please! Be a hero for the next ones coming, throw all of the «no go» food into a «no-go dumpster». This will make it easier for everybody.
  • If you are arriving HOLMLIA with the bus, train or car you propably will spot 1 or 2 Kiwi stores. I do not reccomend to check these out. I have driven by and they look pretty locked down. I rarely check kiwi stores, only if i walk by, from my experience they have(over time) moved their dumpsters inside. The new kiwi stores are impossible. Correct me if im wrong!
  • Rema 1000 at Karlsrud/Lambertseter is GOLD! (before posting it here at least ;) ) Cecilie Thoresensvei 1. Take the bus to «Lambertseter senter» and walk from there or take the subway to Karlsrud. If you take the subway from direction city centre, when arriving go down and around the small shop under the bridge. Then go to the oposite side and carry on to the left. Then take to the right. From here you will see it. The dumpsters are located in the back. They are open and full of goodies!
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