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There is big ICA shop at the end of this town, but they hae vaste compessors, not good dumpsters was found there. Lidl shop is not so far from ferry harbor. Dupsters behind Lidl are only with fruits and vegetables in quite bad conditions. Dupsters with bread and baked food were not found. Small ICA is inside town, but dmpster with food was not found.

Netto has unlocked dumpsters with plenty of bread and green stuff. The dumpsters often have better quality compared to the nearby Lidl while they also are out of public sight. Netto has early closing hours compared to other supermarkets in town witch makes it a good spot, just remember to leave it clean and tidy before you leave.

Twice a day goes from Oskarshamn ferry to Gotland, it takes about 3 hours. Sneeking is almost impossible. There are plenty restaurants inside ship and many places with leftovers in Gotland line are accessible. You can eat a lot of leftovers and you can take some bread with you. If you are kicked out from one restaurant, you can go to another restaurant.

It is possible to get to Oskarshamn by train.

Last checked: July 2016