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Osby is town between Hassleholm and Alvesta, on rail road. Oresundtaag and Crosataagen dancing companies are in this station. Station is with free wifi and free toilet (summer 2016).

There is ICA market close to train station, but dumpsters were not found by ICA market. Cooop market about 1 km from train station has big metal container behind, where waste is quite mixed. You can find inside some bread of cakes. One side of container is cocked, one side is unlocked. There are some smaller dumpsters behind Coop, but not with food.Probably most of food is in dumpster inside.

There is picca restaurant on Osby square and dumpsters are behind this restaurant. Some are locked, some not. It is better to go there during night. If you have luck, you will find lot of piccas and fried potatoes.

Last checked Summer 2017