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Nottingham is a city in Nottinghamshire, England.


There are probably lots of good bins to skip, here are a few:

  • Kaya food centre on Alfreton Road is decent. 24 hours though and bins on the street so bear that in mind. (Last checked: April 2016)
  • Medina store in Hyson Green is worth checking if you're in the area. (Last checked: March 2016)
  • Tesco on Hucknall road. The bins are around the back behind a fence, you'll have to unlock it from the other side with your finger. To get round the back, jump over the pedestrian gate to the right of the shop, there's a button on the wall to let yourself out. (Last checked: Sept.2015)
  • Co-op on Middleton Boulevard have a camera above the bin so go after hours to avoid being shouted at. There's an allyway to the left of the Co-op which runs parallel to the row of shops. Also in that ally is a fruit and veg bin which is usually full, and a pizza hut skip. (Last checked: December 2010)
  • In the city centre by the railway station there's the bins for Tesco down a little alley. Good for bread too. (Last checked: Feb.2012)


Beeston is a town on the west side of Nottingham. Will take around 20 minutes to cycle from town but probably has the most abundant dumpsters within quite a small radius, so quite useful.

  • Iceland tends to be pretty well stocked, usually packaged bread and produce. You get some unusual stuff there too like beer, coke, and even sliced chicken. It's convenient as well as they close at 6. (Last checked: April.2016)
  • Sainsburys has a dumpster really close to Iceland's and I've found tinned sauces, honey etc there however they are best for clothes and occasionally beer! Their delivery comes in around 10, so try to avoid that. (Last checked: April.2016)
  • Out of this World is a small organic shop and they throw away a fair bit of nice stuff, like hummus, vegan meats and artisan cheese if you're lucky. The charity shops close by through out books and other useful stuff. (Last checked: April 2016)
  • The home bakery across from Pizza Hut throws out quite a bit of good bread. (Last checked: Jan.2016)
  • Aras shop is also good too, but a bit hit and miss. If you head down Humber road to the end where KFC and Papa John's is, there's a bin in the corner at the back used by the petrol station which always has a good selection of stuff in it. (Last checked: Feb.2012)


Though there aren't loads of freegans in Nottingham, there are a couple of blogs about it.

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