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Norwich, a city in Norfolk, England, UK, with a good energy for skipping.

Dumpster diving

  • The "Tesco Metro" near the market square has some skips at the back, which are often stocked up with finest sourdough breads, cakes, and fruit. Beer has been found in these skips a few times, too. It gets emptied at least twice a week, so try again the next day if it's empty. (Last time checked: Feb.2010)
  • Many of the skipping community go to the "Farm Foods", just off St Benedicts going towards the inner ring road. Some divers like Simon haven't found more than not-so-good-quality bread and some vegetables in this skip, and sometimes the huge gate is closed, or if it is open then often the skip is locked away in a cage. Others say the cage is usually left open, while finds include variety of food, including huge amounts of bananas, crumpets, cucumbers, etc. (Last time checked: May 2012)
  • "Iceland", near the bus station, has accessible skips in the daytime which have been regarded as good, but again the food isn't usually as good quality as that in the "Tesco" skip. (Last time checked: Feb.2010)
  • There are "Co-op" supermarkets all across Norwich, usually with easily accessible skips. Simon usually does his grocery "shopping" at the "Co-op" up Norwich Road in New Costessey (off Dereham Road), but the skips are only accessible in the daytime, although there's been no problems skipping there in the daytime and good finds are almost a certainty. (Last time checked: Feb.2010)
  • There are many charity shops across town which throw away enormous amounts of good stuff. Simon regularly skips at the skips of the charity shops near the bus station, having one time found about 10 OS maps. (Last time checked: Feb.2010)
  • Pret a Manger's bins in the city centre (as with any Pret) are good for a rummage, with a variety of sanwiches, wraps etc often being found inside. Often ideal for a post pub snack and next day feast (Last time checked: Jan.2012)
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Norfolk Region

It takes two people to carry all the goodies (organic eggs, wholemeal bread, vegetables, bananas, other fruit, cream, yoghurt, desserts, packaged meals, flour, other obscure items etc.) selectively from Budgens supermarket in Aylsham, North Norfolk at midnight on certain days of the week. Other Budgens stores of the region are also good: Simon confirms that this is true also of the Budgens supermarket in Dersingham, West Norfolk, though the skips are usually locked there with the publicly accessible 'meter key'. (Last time checked: Nov.2010)


Simon hasn't found any markets in Norwich! The central market isn't really a vegetable market at all, and so most of the stuff thrown away is from the food kiosks which isn't so nice to go through.


Norwich has its own freeshop that is held on the 8th of each month in Norwich city centre, from 10 am until 4 pm. It is organized by the Norwich Anarchists. (Info as of: Nov.2010)

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