Norfolk, Virginia

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Norfolk is a city in Virginia, USA. It is pronounced "Nor-fuhk," not "Nor-folk" or "Nor-fork." It has a population of around 234,000. Ghent, a neighborhood in Norfolk, is probably the most vegan and vegetarian friendly area in Southeastern Virginia.

Dumpster diving

  • There is a Baker's Crust located at the intersection of DeBree and 20th. It's a bakery styled like Panera. They used to throw out all their unused bread but lately they were reluctant to do so. The dumpster is surrounded by a low brick wall, with an unlocked gate facing the back parking lot. (Last checked: September 2011)
  • There is a Panera across the street from Baker's Crust, but their dumpsters still need to be checked. (Please check and update this info!)
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