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Nordkjosbotn is small town and big crossroad with E8 to Tromso and E6 from north (Alta, Nordkapp, Skibotn, north Finland) to south (Narvik, Fauske, Trondheim, Oslo). It is beautiful fjord too. If you are traveling there, you might stop there.

There are two fuel stations and big shops there. Rema 1000 has two metal containers by south-west edge. One container has locked one side, another side is open. There was lot of plastic and some covering materials, no food. Second metal container is unfortunately locked - all three doors are locked with padlock. It is question, what is inside, it can be food.

Xtra store has big metal container behind. One side was locked, but another side was open. There was some fruits, meat, bread inside. There are smaller dumpsters around big container, but nothing interesting was inside.

Last checked: June 2018