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Newcastle is located in New South Wales on the east coast of Australia. It has a population of over 308 000, with many places to dumpster in the city, and surrounding suburbs.

Council pickup recovery

The Newcastle City Council have council pick-ups in two suburbs at any one time. Households leave items on the curb for collection, which depending on the circumstance, you are free to take. The legality of doing this is on par with that of dumpster diving, as the laws surrounding whether or not an item remains property of the original owner, the Crown or no one at all are shaky and often ignored by many police officers because of how unsevere the 'crime' is. If it's clear the original owner has abandoned the item, there should be no problem in repossessing it, however some officers may not be so lenient. TrashWiki's advice is to work under the same conditions that you would when dumpster diving: under the cover of night.

Council pickup recovery can yield many valuable things: the adage "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is no understatement during council pickup recovery. You can find a wide assortment of items, such as furniture, tools, kitchen appliances, books, movies, vinyl records, even e-waste.

Dumpster diving


  • The University of Newcastle is a good place to go if you're looking to salvage items such as furniture or computers. Near the Shortland hub there tends to be bins, just remember to watch out for campus security.
    Address: University Dr, Callaghan NSW 2308, Australia

Green Hills

  • The Aldi located across the road from the Stockland Green Hills shopping centre doesn't have locked bins. Good for food and other items. It's situated in a quiet, dark area at night.
    (Last checked: 02/11)
    Address: 18/20 Garnett Rd, Greenhills (East Maitland) NSW 2323, Australia


  • Aldi often won't have locked bins, so it's another place that's recommended for dumpster diving. Good for food, but they have also been known to throw out useful bits and pieces, ranging from perfectly working rolling pins to scales.
    (UPDATE 11/8/09: Recently there has been talk of bleach being thrown through the bin, it is not known though how frequently it happens.)
    Address: 21 Swan St, Hamilton NSW 2303, Australia


  • The Jesmond Fruit Barn tends to have good fresh produce for dumpster diving. They'll often have large cardboard boxes separate from the dumpster which contain only the discarded fruit and vegetables, so it's easy to access and not too messy.
    Address: 23 Blue Gum Road, Jesmond NSW 2299, Australia


  • Dick Smith Electronic's dumpster
    Dick Smith Electronics has a bin near its loading dock on the far right side of the building. It seems to only be unlocked when overfilled. A dome security camera is attached to the wall above the dumpster, but is only used to monitor the gardening section of the Bunnings Warehouse opposite the store, which is a hotspot for burglary. This should cause no trouble, but when in doubt, approach from the bushes around the corner of the dumpster and get to work without being bothered.
    Address: 4/30 Northcott Drive, Kotara NSW 2289, Australia
  • Ray's Outdoors has two dumpsters to the left of the building in front of a few LPG canisters, which are both unlocked. Mostly cardboard boxes and plastic bags are thrown in these bins, but scrap metal is also plentiful, and the occasional oddity can be retrieved. Unfittingly, it is also an abundant source of e-waste.
    Address: 6 Northcott Dr, Kotara NSW 2289, Australia


  • The bin behind the Aldi (formerly Franklin's) at Mayfield tends to be locked up and empty, so it's generally not worth trying to get into. It's a smaller shopping centre so the bin tends to smell pretty funky, probably because it doesn't get emptied as frequently as larger stores.
    Address: 1/230 Maitland Rd, Mayfield NSW 2304, Australia
  • The Woolworths located on Maitland Road and opposite the Aldi tends to have awesome stuff. The bins are "locked" behind a fence, but there's a big hole in the fence that is pretty easy to get through. The bins are filled up periodically through the day, so any time is probably worth having a look. During the day, or at least before close, you're more likely to get non-fruit and veg stuff and random one-off items. Often the store will throw out fresh produce at close, so if you turn up after 12am, most of the time you should be able to get fruit and veg, but its probably worth the effort to have a good dig through the bin. They often do bulk throw-outs of things like dairy products or baked items. Only thing to remember is to be stealthy during the day, because if they hear you they aren't supposed to let people dumpster, so generally they'll tell you to move on. However, if an employee is throwing things out when you turn up, it might be worth asking them nicely. Most employees tend not to mind, it's mainly managers who will care. WARNING: it is a trespassing violation, so do it on your own risk!
    UPDATE 10/09: They've started locking the bins as well now, but they tend to be open during the day or when they overfill the bin.
    Address: Maitland Rd & Valencia Street, Mayfield NSW 2304, Australia

Newcastle West

  • The Marketown shopping centre has a bin that can be accessed via pulling out the pin. It tends to have pretty decent stuff.
    Address: 23 Steel Street, Newcastle West NSW 2302, Australia


  • The Waratah Shopping Village has an area out the back that isn't too hard to access where the Coles bins are located. The only deterrents are a police station opposite the shopping center (generally you shouldn't have any troubles), and the 24/7 Kmart store located adjacent to the shopping centre. It's best to be wary, as there are staff working there around-the-clock which may see you, though chances are they'll let you continue.
    Address: 91 Turton Rd, Waratah NSW 2298, Australia

Free internet access

  • McDonald's chains across Newcastle all offer free Wi-Fi.
  • The Waratah Shopping Village offers free Wi-Fi in the food court area.
  • Most of Newcastle's CBD is covered by a slow, albeit convenient Wi-Fi connection.

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