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New Zealand doesn't seem particularly great for finding trash, but there are some good things set up. For example, in Nelson you can find a trash store, next to the recycling point, where you can buy a lot for much cheaper than the usual second hand store. Christchurch has The Free Shop (everything's for free) and also SuperShed which sells recycled items at incredibly cheap prices.

Dumpster diving

In New Zealand dumpsters are usually referred to as skips.

Officially NZ police treat dumpster diving as theft, however, enforcement and attitude of individual police officers may vary. Nevertheless, be discreet and remember about diver's etiquette.

As of May 2011, things seem to be getting better, as somebody arrested for dumpster diving had the charges dropped (see link). In December 2013 six men caught dumpster diving in Blenheim were released by the police without being charged.[1]


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