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Neiden is village far north in east Finmark between Kirkenes and Varangerbotn. It is crossroad with E6 from Tana Bru to Kirkenes and Russia and small road 971( or 92) to Sevettijarvi and Inari, Ivalo.

There is river with waterfalls close to road, lot of tourist go there during Summer. There are toilets and some cabins, where is possible to sleep in case of rain.

There is no shop in Neiden. But by the road 971 to Finland (Sevettijarvi, Inari, Ivalo) is about 20 km from Neiden, just behind border in Finland small village with shops. Lot of Norwegian people goes there, because it is cheaper. It is possible to hitchhike. Shops has big open dumpsters behind (at least K-market) with lot of bread, fruits, vegetables. These dumpsters are deep with small hole. It means that you can not go inside, but if dumpsters are full enough, then is easy to grab some food.

Traffic, between Neiden and these shops is good, but traffic more far in Finland after this shop on the border is really low (in Summer one car per 20 min, Winter can be worse). And Neiden is quite cold place in Winter. It can be bellow -30 or even bellow -40 in Winter.