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Narvik is a truly brilliant place to be if you love free food! Not only can I guarantee that you will always find something, but the staff at the supermarkets are very helpful if you want to check the freshness of things like meat or fish.

Spot 1: The Eurospar on the north side of town in great, there's a dumpster just round from the car park where you're likely to find bread and fruit and veg.

Spot 2: the main shopping centre in the middle of town (just off from the E6) called AMFI is great. Walk down the steps to the car park on the ground floor, then through on the other side there's a road that goes up and round the corner to the staff car park, smoking area and bins. In the first small dumpster you're guaranteed to get some fresh bread, in the dumpsters furthest away there will be a lot of prepackaged food. Some it will be well out of date, so it's worth checking the expiration date just in case.

Spot3: There are shops Rema 1000 and Kiwi and fuel station by south end of Narvik, just behind bridge through Fjord by E6. Peter found lot of bananas and fruits and bread in dumpsters behind Rema 1000 in July 2017. It is by E6 and bus stop is good hitchhiking place towards south. May - 2018: lot of bananas and fruit was found in dumpsters behind Rema 1000 again. There are another shops - Kiwi and Europris. Kiwi has lot of small plastic dumpsters, but dumpsters are locked with red lock. Nothing was found behind Europris too. South end of bridge - left on direction from Narvik. There is Shell fuel station Dumpsters are by this fuel station - lot of plastic dumpsters. A lot of of sweet cakes, bread, bagetes, sweet bread was found there. Last checked: May 2018.

Spot 4: North end of Narvik, about 500 m north from train station, by E6. There is Rema 1000 and auto-servis. Lot of dumpsters were found behind Rema 1000, dumpsters were unlocked, but empty. Maybe, they just empty them recently. There are huge metal boxes, like ship containers around. It is possible, that they start to have trash inside there too. Last checked: May 2018.