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Nantes is a city in France.

Every Day except Monday there is a market at called "le marché de la petit hollande" where you can ask the seller for old fruits, fish and other food, which is pretty common there. Every sunday at the end of the market (1-2pm) meets a group of People on the other side of the route "rue basse porte", they have an exchange with the seller of the market, they help them to put the empty boxes of the seller in a big container and they get some food, which they collect on the ground and when everything is done and the food is sorted one guy (the organiser) give a signal to take, so everyone has the same chance to get his/her food.

The Lidl stores in Nantes have open containers

In the north of Nantes

100 Boulevard Robert Schuman, 44300 Nantes, Frankreich

is a U Express Store where you can reach the container not easy, because the fence is really high, but next to it is a pole which you can use to get up and if you have a jacked which is not your best one you can put it on top of the fence to not cut your hands. When you learned to be an artist in the corcus you can bend the fence a bit and get throw the gap and at the inside is a frame, which make it a bit easier to get in and out.

Next to Nantes in saint-herblain is a huge supermarket called casino. The adress: 15 Rue de Saint-Nazaire, 44800 Saint-Herblain, Frankreich Next to it, on the south is a free field from this one you can get throw a hole in the fence to the container.

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