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Nanaimo is a city on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Like all places in that temperate area of Canada, it is the frequent living choice of many interesting tramps and hobos.

Supposedly it is worth checking out 7-11 dumpsters anywhere in the city.

A good spot is Quality Foods in the University Village. It is perhaps a 20min walk from downtown. Behind that store, one can find several green bio-waste bins, as well as some bigger dumpsters with random things as well as food. (Last checked: May 2014)

When it comes to social services, for those in need, there is an organisation that gives away free breakfast and a bag-to-go lunch at Prideaux street, every weekday from 7 to 10am. 710Club. Another place to find food is the Salvation Army's New Hope Center. You can either buy really cheap lunch (1$) and dinner (2$) or you can go to the office on any weekday and get free meal tickets. After meals, you can often take some food home (like bread, cookies, yogurt).

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