Murrells Inlet

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Murrells Inlet is in South Carolina, USA.

Dumpster diving possibilities:

  • "Food Lion": 2 dumpsters around back. One is right by the door and loading area. This usually has bread, dairy, juice and other stuff (including trash from the store). Dumpster nr. 2 is around the corner. This one is usually full of produce and meat. (Last checked: April 2010.)
  • "K-Mart": Attached to Inlet Square Mall. Dumpster is on the corner of the building. Chips, loads of books, and stuff like Cartman Christmas ornament. (Last checked: April 2010.)
  • "Salvation Army": Locked but can still be accessed. Close to the Inlet Square Mall, by the "K&W". Dumpster is around back. Clothes, VCRs, picture frames, etc. (Last checked: April 2010.)
  • "Dollar General": Next to the "Salvation Army" dumpster. Seasonal goods, candy, chips, toiletries, potting soil on one occasion. (Last checked: April 2010.)
  • "Eckerd" Down 707 by the "Lowe's Food". Dumpster is behind a door. Shampoo, toiletries, candy, cookies, "As Seen On Tv" items. (Last checked: April 2010.)
  • "Dunkin Doughnuts": By the "Kroger" and "McDonald's". Dumpster is by the road on the side near the liquor store. Doughnuts and bagels galore! (Last checked: April 2010.)
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