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Motueka is a city in New Zealand.

Dumpster diving

Most of the bins in Motueka (and through the whole country) are locked. Not all of the them, though.

Good spots for food

  • In the middle of the town (approximately around 200 High Street) on the left hand side - coming from Nelson - you'll find a car park that leads you to a Rugby field. Search in the corners (late in the evening and weekends is much better) of the car park for medium sized bin. Easy to score as there's a couple of bakeries, veggie shop and cafes, all clustered together. (Last checked: Sept.2011)
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Good spots for stuff

  • Just outside of town you'll be able to score some great stuff for cheap at the Refuse Recycling Center, about 4 kms out of the town center. (Last checked: Sept.2011)
  • On the way to the port, check also around the moorings for stuff left from the boaties around second hand boats. May be able to score some really old rusty tools (local diver Falkar scored a set of decent leatherman that only needed to be sharpen and cleaned from the rust). Actually, you may even be able to score a free boat, if you're keen to keep your eyes open and ask around.
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Wild foraging

  • At the Motueka port you can dig different kinds of clams, mussels and rock oyster (can be eaten raw with a bit of lemon; remember to leave them in a bucket of freshwater for at least 6 hrs before consuming them, to get all the crap out of them).

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