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Mo-i-Rana is town about 60 km south from Arctic Circle. It is located by main road E6. There is railway too (Norland dancing line), but only two trains per day goes in one direction.

There is Rema 1000 in south end of town. This shop has open dumpster in front, just on another end of shop. A lot of bananas, oranges, bread was found in summer 2017. It about 100 m to good hitchhiking place towards south, bus stop by E6.

If you go towards north by E6, some drivers go only 25 km to Storfoshei. There is fuel station and XY shop-restaurant without accessible dumpsters, but about 200 m south is Coop market with open metal container.

North from Mo-I-Rana by E6 - you will get to Arctic cirle center. It is on Platau 650-680 m high and there is already tundra and colder climate. It can be there during winter wind and bellow -20 (if you are kicked out from train, it can mean death during exam, only two trains per day in one direction goes there).

Many great dumpsters are more north by E6 - Rokland, Fauske north and south end, Bodo, Narvik, Bjerkvik.