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Minsk is the capital of Belarus. One can not expect much in this city because of the relatively poor economic situation in the country. Nonetheless, there are some freegan opportunities.

Dumpster diving and markets

  • Market Ждановічы (Zhdanovichi): this is very big market where different stuff is being sold, including food. You can go there on closing time and find vegetables and fruits. Sometimes vendors have so much food left that an average freegan's backpack won't fit in all of it. Transport to Zhdanovichi: take a train from Central Station. Here is the map of the market.
  • Loshica Ghippo (Гіпа-гіпермаркет) supermarket in district Loshica (Лошыца), crosstreets of Янкі Лучыны and Ігуменскі Тракт. They have open dumpsters behind the entrance. No fence there, you can reach dupmsters from behind. It is also a spot for the trucks to be unloaded there, so they are often there, but if you are quick don't mind them. Map of the place is here. (Last checked: March 2013)