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Milan is one of the biggest cities in Northern Italy as well as its main industrial and financial hub. Being also a quite posh and generally wealthy city (with lots of people, immigrants as italians, who struggle every day to get by as any other big posh city) plenty of food is thrown away every day.

Dumpster diving

Lots of opportunities all around the city. Diving is not an usual practice in Italy and often people are surprised/disgusted about it-> i.e. they neither conceive that you can go take the food in their bin and rarely lock them! which is good for you. Though often (as in many other places) they are inside a private fence/building etc so you might be confused for thief suspicious etc.

Northern part of the city:

  • Lidl, Maciachini metro line 3. Has good and open all night long dumpsters, inside its parking. There s a big compressor where most of food is thrown -> wasted and impossible to save; though often they live some box with plenty of food just outside the compressor. Wednesday or thursday should be the days trash truck comes.
  • Unes, via E. De Marchi (metro line 2 till Gioia then Bus 43 or 81). Is inside a big shop complex with also other 2 supermarkets, LD and Aumai (which could have accessible dumpsters too). Dumpsters are on the back and very easy to access. The main parking gate closes during the night when all the shops close as well, dont park your bike inside!

Food Markets

Lots of markets are on Saturday, morning and afternoon, but depending on the zone there are some every day. Here and here you can find the complete list with location and timetables. They usually finish at 2p.m and if open also the noon at 6p.m. The biggest and huge food market is called "Mercato Ortofrutticolo" and is situated in via Lombroso 54 (trolley bus 92 Molise Calvairate), it is where retailers go take their fruits and veggies to sell at local markets, (the biggest in italy for quantity of merchandise exchanged 1 million tons per year) and also where athey go bring back their unsold boxes (which most probably are then thrown away)to be weighted and paid back. It is normally reserved to workers, open every day from 5 to 10 a.m for bargaining and sell (friday also 3 to 5pm) on saturday morning (9-12am) is open also to the public then you may talk with somebody and ask for some wasted food (that theoretically of course they cant give you) or sneak inside pretending to be a worker and take away. Right next to it there is also a fish and meat market, where you could try the same technique.

Free cantines

organised almost all by religious associations they most often dont ask you for anything and just give you free food. Here you can find a list with some of them, location and timetables included;).


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