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Whereas it needs further exploration, there is no reason to believe Metz is not full of nice trash. One thing is sure - you can have a steady supply of bread and pastry. In the center there are no bins, but all the small bakeries (and similar shops) throw out their things in big black plastic bags. The time window between throwing out and the garbage pick-up is not big, so be sure to roam the streets at closing hours (around 18-19, sometimes later.)

One good place to visit is the "Paul" bakery, located near Place Saint-Jacques. It is a big and fancy bakery so their bags are just overflowing with delicious things. On Place St-Jacques, there's also a small bagel and pastry shop that throws out lot of bagels as well as some cookies and cakes. You can also just find any other bakery, get there a bit before closing time, stand in the street and observe the employees cleaning up and wait for the bags to go in the street. There also might be other people waiting, but most dumpster-divers are happy to share. (Last checked: Oct 2014)