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Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, has some good places for dumpster diving as well as other opportunities for freegan lifestyle.

Dumpster diving



Melbourne Freegan Co-op facebook group here. (Active)

Melbourne Dumpster Diving facebook group here. (Pretty dead - last post years ago)

Results of a successful day on the QV market.


  • The best place to find fruits & vegetables are the Queen Victoria Markets. Go there in the afternoon just after closing time and you will be certain to pick up a selection of produce. Saturdays and Tuesdays are best. Don't be too late, there are many people collecting the food. Some of the small restaurants even leave leftovers like bread, cake, pastry, pizzas or fries outside their doors when they close. Don't bother with the smaller organic market, they give their leftovers away for charity. Proceed to the farmers section on the main market. Vic market closes at 2pm tuesday and thursday after which time 'waste' fruit and veggies are dumped into wheely bins marked 'food waste' which are located in the in-between isles of the fruit and veg section. These bins are then emptied into a truck around 4pm so the best time to go is between 3 and 4pm on tues and thurs when the bins are the fullest but havent been emptied yet. (Last checked: January 2016)
  • Laurent Bakery in Lt. Collins St. has heaps of bread, sandwiches, pastry, and more in their bins. Often it's even wrapped so it stays clean. Go any time after closing (7pm). They have branches throughout Melbourne e.g Jolimont and Kew. (Last checked: June 2019)
  • Coles Express supermarket in Elizabeth St, close to Flinders St. has some garbage bins in a little backstreet, accessible via Flinders Lane. Sometimes baskets of wrapped bread are just standing on the street. Check the packaging though, there are many rats who eat that stuff as well. Lately the dumpsters have been locked so bringing a key is useful. Also recently there has been a few incidents of a verbally abusive guy (staff) who claims it is his store, and saying you are "stealing their stock" and have threatend to call the cops (Last checked: June 2019)


  • Coburg in the northern suburbs of Melbourne have many famous dumpsters off Sydney road; other suburbs in the north including Northcote and Brunswick also have many good dumpsters, mainly "Safeway", "Coles" and "Aldi" supermarkets. (Last checked: June 2019)
  • There's a bin often filled with fruits and vegies at the back of this Safeway in Coburg. That's the address. (Last checked: November 2010)

South Yarra

  • The Aldi bins in Prahran are sometimes locked but often not, they are in a cage and often have lots of stuff, especially fruit and vegetables. (Last checked: February 2011)
  • The bins behind Revolver off Chapel St often have nice bread from the fruit, veg, deli there. Takes some digging though. (Last checked: February 2011)
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  • Woolworths supermarket, close to Camberwell railway station has their bins on the back of the building accessible, unlocked and usually out of sight of anyone 24/7. If the gate is open, so that the employees can see you, just come back a few minutes later. (Last checked: October 2012)
  • Coles supermarket in The Well shopping mall has containers in the back of the building, but they seem not accessible.
  • Laurent Bakery in Burke Rd, close to Camberwell Junction leaves loads of Bread and Pastry in their bins after closing time in the early evening. They push their bins to the Woolworths parking at the end of the little passage.


  • Renaissance Supermarket at 550 Glenferrie Road has bins that can be accessed via Henrietta Street. It closes at 9pm and has regular offerings of fruit, vegetables, meat and baked goods. Some digging may be required.
  • The bins outside 7/11 a few hundred metres further north along Glenferrie Road almost always have a rich seam of doughnuts to be mined, plus occasional loaves of bread, sandwiches, salads etc.

St Kilda

  • The bins of Woolworths at 117 Acland Street often have bread and other items.
  • The 7/11 on Smith Street (opposite Lentils as Anything) usually has some doughnuts and bread in their bins, which are located in the small car park at the rear of the store.

Food markets

  • Queen Victoris Market, see above.
  • Preston markets, located outside the CBD (Bundoora/RMIT tram, plenty of stops from city), might have similar results as Victoria markets on the weekend. (Last checked: ?)
  • If you go to the Prahran market at closing time you can pick up dropped produce. (Last checked: ?)
  • South Melbourne Market?
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Rent bicycle for free

Dining hall Little Creatures at 222 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy is offering free bicycle rent. Information about the conditions of this offer is needed.


  • Food Not Bombs 7.30pm every Tuesday on the corner of Gertrude and Brunswick streets, Fitzroy. Facebook: FNB page.
  • The Local Kitchen Brunswick 6:30 - 8:30pm every Tuesday, serving %99 Vegan food donated by local businesses and served outside of Northside Boulders, 329 Victoria Street, Brunswick. Facebook: The Local Kitchen
  • Free Feed Street Kitchen 7pm every Wednesday at on the footpath at 161 Smith street, Collingwood. ´Free Feed´ is a non-faith based street kitchen providing rescued food from local restaurants for free. Facebook: Free Feed.
  • Food Not Bombs 7pm every Thursday at Coburg Mall.
  • Lentils as Anything is a chain of 4 vegetarian restaurants with buffet, based on donations and a "pay as you feel" philosophy.
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