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Various forms of media related to dumpster diving and freeganism.


  • Wastecooking - An Arte cooking series on reducing waste
  • Re(f)use, a one-minute long video on food waste and dumpster diving. Watch here!
  • Living without money, a film About a woman living without money since 1994 Official Site]
  • Dumpster Wars: Reno's Trash Politics, a film released in May 2011 documenting the activities of Save Reno Dumpster Diving. Official Site
  • Skipping Waste, a documentary about dumpster diving created by Lily Barlow, 2009. on
  • I Love Trash, a documentary about dumpster diving created by David Brown, 2008. on, DVD
  • Ready Steady Skip, a documentary about dumpster diving, 2008. Official site
  • Taste The Waste, a film by Valentin Thurn, in production, will be broadcasted in october 2010. Watch trailer here.
  • Surfing the Waste, a musical documentary about dumpster diving created by Paul Aflalo, 2008 Official page, not final version online
  • The Collector, a Portrait of Christian, a life-long dumpster diver who has probably never heard of dumpster diving. Created by Martin Hampton 2003/2006, on vimeo
  • Les glaneurs et la glaneuse... deux ans après, directed by Agnès Varda, 2002, France IMDB, on (in French)
  • Les glaneurs et la glaneuse, a documentary about freeganism directed by Agnès Varda, 2000, France IMDB, on (in French)
  • Friganism, a documentary by a Swedish student Carolina Sundin (in Swedish)
  • Dive! by Jeremy Seifert, see trailer here and the whole documentary here.
  • De een zijn afval is de ander zijn maaltijd Dumspter Diving in New York, 2009. [1]
  • Carl the dumpsterdiver, a small personal reflection about dumpster diving in Sweden on
  • Unconditional Love, an exploration of an artist's philosophy of unconditional love from a diver's perspective. Created by Orban Wallace, 2011. Watch on
  • Spoil. Extraordinary Harvest, Familiar faces and converging philosophies meet to take what others deem unworthy of consumption. The reward of a free and delicious discovery activates a ritual adventure--a night of extraordinary harvest. Watch the Trailer
  • Konsumverweigerer: Essen aus dem Müll (German, SPON is one of the main online media portals / Title in English: Anti-consumerism: Food from the trash), September 28, 2007
  • CNN Dumpster Dives - Video
  • Grow Heathrow, a short video on the transition from a derelict mess to a beautiful community space with vegetable gardens, bike space, etc. Sipson, London, UK.
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  • Zero Currency Suelo, the man who quit money to live in a Utah desert.
  • Adventures of an Urban Ninja is a personal blog from a ninja dumpster diver who writes about his various adventures, many of which include dumpster diving among other things. He only buys food when eating out.
  • Click Clack Gorilla Tales of marauding, plunder, and international gorilla conspiracy. An American expat's yarns about dumpster diving and life in a squatted caravan community in Germany. With regular theme posts "dumpster find of the week" and "recycling for the apocalypse."
  • Empire of Scrounge Author of "Empire of Scrounge" Jeff Ferrell catalogs his dumpster finds
  • Emoware Dumpster diving in Denmark.
  • Secret Freegan is a personal blog from a dumpster diver who writes a lot about the amount of food rescued on a daily basis. Secret Freegan also has a twitter-account. "I've gathered over $29,000 worth of food and other stuff during the last 9 months. I've discovered how to be a secret gourmet food gatherer. I've cut my monthly grocery bill by $300 and given the rest to feed the homeless. It is clean and safe with my methods."