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"Freegan area" in Malmö.

Malmö is a city in Sweden, very close to Denmark. Free-living is comparatively easy in Malmö, and many people live pretty much entirely of skipped food. As the competition is rather high, it can be difficult to find things in the most popular dumpsters, so one has to check more often than in cities with less competition to get lucky. The stores are quite used to daytime dumpster diving and are in general tolerant or even positive about it. This of course does not lessen the need to be clean and tidy while dumpstering. It's a good idea to keep the not locked in dumpsters as they are!

Freeshops and other places for freegan opportunities

  • Garaget is a public library section which arranges clothing swaps the last sunday every month, except in summer. Bring any garments you like, and take the same amount. Garaget also has a shelf of free books and free WiFi. You can also borrow the facilities for free if you want to arrange something, provided you arrange something for free and that it is open to the public.
  • In Kontrapunkt you can borrow cloths for short periods of time.
  • Free WiFi is available upon resgistration at the following public libraries in Malmö: Stadsbiblioteket, Bellevuegårdsbiblioteket, Garaget, Husiebiblioteket, Kirsebergs bibliotek, Limhamnsbiblioteket, Lindängenbiblioteket, Rosengårdsbiblioteket. You can also use their computers inside without registering.
  • You can get a library card and borrow books, music, video games etc. for free!
  • At CYKELKÖKET you can fix your bike or find altogether a new crooked bike to fix

Dumpster diving

  • Möllevångstorget square has a fruit market on weekdays and Saturdays. It starts at around 08.00 and ends about 15.00. When it closes you can collect unsold and leftover fruits and vegetables. Be sure to be there a bit before closing, since they clean the square quickly afterwards. Saturdays has the most activity, but also the most competition from other people foraging at that square. (Last checked: Mars 2014)
  • Ica on the corner of Bangatan and Sofielundsvägen (Möllevången district) serves a variety of fruit and vegetables. The container is located on the parking lot behind. It closes at 19.00 though. (Last checked: Mars 2014)
  • Netto on the back of Netto at Saluhallen on Lugna gatan. Filled with vegetables. Used to have a lot of packaged stuff but haven't found any in a long time. It is open most times when the store is open. It is closed seemingly at random during daytime and permanently when the store is closed. (Last checked: Mars 2014)
  • Lidl on Spangatan (close to Triangeln, Möllevangen district): in the courtyard you can find 4 "Lidl" containers. The dumpsters are locked into a little shack, unfortunetly, but every once in a while a kind soul liberates them from their confinement, and the buffett is open to all. Mostly veggies. (Tip: if only one door of the shack is open, you can unlock the others by manually opening the lock from within. If you got thin arms (or some creativity) there is a gap on the left side, from where one can open the door. (Last checked: Mars 2013)
  • Lidl close to Dalaplan on Uppsalagatan. There are four or five dumpsters on the backside. Mostly filled with the staffs trash but at times can give a lot. It used to be locked in all the time but someone removed the doors. In this place it's particularly important to be discrete and to clean up after you, since they are not to fond of dumpster divers! (Last checked: Mars 2013)
  • Coop close to Folkets park. It is open and available. The trash is at the moment very mixed. There's foodstuff from the store mixed with construction material (some of it good) as well. (Last checked: April 2013)
  • Özens allfrukt [don't know the description, I'm not really from Malmö so someone else can fill it in] Is open again. Though it is strongly recommended to only go there after closing times. Filled with huge quantities of the same food at once, but is often mixed between different times it's visited.(Last checked: April 2013)
  • For bike parts such as tires, stands or frames go to BikePro, located at the big intersection of Nobelvägen and Lönngatan. (Last checked: August 2010)
  • This map will have updates of places to dumpsterdive around Malmö. (as of September 2013)

Note that:

  • Mormorbageriet (bakery) on Spangatan (close to Triangeln, Möllevangen district) which previously supplied Malmö freegans with tasty bread and buns has made its bins vanish. It is by gossip possible to ask at closing time as well. Do it with moderation though. (as of Mars 2013). If you notice any changes, edit here.



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