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Magdeburg is a middle-size city between Berlin and Hannover, and is the regional capital of the state of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

Dumpster diving

Lots of veggies found in December 2013 at the NP in Rögötzer Straße.

In general, divers like n0id have noticed that many supermarkets in Magdeburg have no accessible dumpsters, instead they use trash compactors. In Magdeburg, some individuals and groups (eg. the Green University Group) go dumpsterdiving regularly.

Some of the interesting places:

  • Naturata Biomarkt on the corner of Liebknechtstraße / Zum Handelshof. This is a known and frequented spot, because they often have lots of nice bio vegetables in their dumpsters. The drawback is that sometimes a security guy appears with his car and asks you to leave. The dumpsters are in the back, walk in from the Zum Handelshof side to avoid a camera. Close by is also a Kaufland, but usually the dumpsters are locked.
  • 24-h NP on the corner of Jakobstraße / Blaubeilstraße - dumpsters are easily reachable from the back. Usually lots of diary products, sometimes bread. The shop is open from Monday 8am to Saturday 8pm, so most of the time there are people working!
  • NP on Rögätzer Straße. Dumpsters in the back.
  • Netto between Bahnhofsstraße / Otto-von-Guericke Straße / Anhaltstraße.
  • Not too far away, on Lüneburger Str. (north from Bahnhof Neustadt), there is a Subway with a trash can at the back door. Closes at 9pm everyday. Good for a few leftover pieces of their bread. (Last checked: January 2011)
  • At the corner of Albert-Vater-Straße and Ebendorfer Str. there is a REWE. Checked once without succes, but should be worth checking out. (Last checked: January 2011)
  • In the city center at Alter Markt there is a regular food market from Tuesday to Saturday. Closes around 5pm and on Saturday around 1pm. Possible to pick up some leftover veggies. (Last checked: January 2011)
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Note that previously fruitful Edeka store (close to Bahnhof Neustadt in Letzlinger Str.) has its dumpsters now locked.


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