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Madrid, a capital of Spain, offers some good opportunities for dumpster diving as well as other freegan possibilities.

Dumpster diving

Dumpster diving is relatively good in Madrid as stores tend to put their discarded food out in containers after the closing time.

  • A very popular spot is Carrefour on Calle del Conde de Peñalver. They close at 11 and will wheel out 3 to 4 dumpsters. These are usually packed with food: meat, fish, etc. Many people come here. Don't be afraid to be slightly aggressive. It is needed at this location. (Last checked: March 2011)
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- Mercado de la Cebada: This Market is located in La Latina Metro station. There are a lot fruit and vegetable stores and some bakeries where you can ask. Around half an hour before the market closes you can get a lot of stuff, specially on Mondays, when they receive new products.

Free food

There are many so called comedores (canteens) in Madrid, many are run by religious institutions. These are dining rooms for those in need. The food quality varies. Some offer meals, but most offer a well filled baguette with some biscuits along with a coffee. Some only offer a take-away facility. Some will also require a registration, where you will be issued a card. Queues tend to be long, depending on the location.


En Murcia hay muchos sitios donde poder reciclar. Algo positivo que tiene Murcia es que en cada barrio hay un mercado semanal de frutas y verduras a dónde puedes acercarte entre las 14:00-14:30 y preguntarle a los tenderos si puedes coger aquello que van a tirar o si tienen cosas que lo vayan a vender que se puedan utilizar. También puedes mirar dentro de los contenedores de los mercados donde también encontrarás mucha comida, para la gente vegana, ahí sólo hay frutas y verduras. Para saber dónde están los mercados, pincha o copia y pega este enlace$m4850,4948&IDTIPO=11 donde te sale un listado de todos los mercados tanto en los pueblos como en los barrios.

Además también puedes acercarte a los herbolarios y preguntar si tienen cosas que se vayan a tirar y si tenéis suerte os las pueden dar.

No hay mucha cultura del recicle en Murcia, a excepción de en el mercado de la Fama de los jueves, así que intenta ir a otros si pudieras.