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Mülheim an der Ruhr, also called "City on the River", is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. It is located in the Ruhr area between Duisburg and Essen, bordering to the south of the City of Oberhausen and 30 km to the north-east of Düsseldorf.

There are some interesting spots in the city to diving the dumpsters. Besides that there are many smaller stores and market stalls in the city with vegetables and fruits. Most of them are nice and have something to give away if you ask them polite before they close.


You can find the Pinar Supermarkt here. There are parking lots in the backyard where you can find crates with Turkish bread, flatbread and sometimes vegetables and fruits. The owner doesn't really like it and he caught me once. So please be very quiet and don't leave a mess... as usual.

Die Tafeln (a food bank) throw loads of veggies, fruits and bread away. The bins are kinda hidden. You're heading a big metal gate if you go up the driveway of the Autonomes Zentrum (see on map). This gate is high but it's not really difficult to climb. There you'll find bins full with good food. Better you bring a flashlight with you, because the alarm turns on if you trigger the motion sensor for the light too often. It's not a big deal if this happens, it turns off quick again...
On some days they put the bins outside the gate. Then you'll find them really accessible on the street, down the driveway, full and waiting for the waste collectors.


The Diakonie (a charity shop) has containers with furniture, electronics, books and wood here, you can see them if you switch on the satellite mode.

Give aways

There is a freeshop in the Autonomes Zentrum, Auerstraße 51. The usual openings are from Monday-Friday, 2pm-8pm but it's still very irregular. You can find there clothes, books, Cd's and some stuff plus free internet.

Here you'll find book shelfs full with free books. Always accessible because it's outside.


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